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VOCAT 犯罪受害者帮助

We assist victims to recover from a crime by assisting them to apply for financial assistance for expenses incurred, or reasonably likely to be incurred, as a direct result of the crime.​

我们协助受害者申请经济援助, 以帮助受害者从犯罪中恢复过来。

Conveyancing 房屋买卖

Purchase and Sale of residential/commercial properties.
Existing homes/off-the plan properties.
Transfer of ownership between family members.
Advice on First Home Owners Grant and Principal Place of Residence etc..

Commercial Law 商业法

Purchase and Sale of businesses including Franchises.


Family Law, Wills and Power of Attorney 家庭法,遗嘱和授权

Immigration 移民

Business Visa商业移民

Partner/Fiancé (é) Visa 配偶/未婚配偶移民

Skilled Visa (Independent/Sponsored/GTI) 技术移民

Visitor Visa 旅游签证 Work Visa

工作签证 Student Visa

学生签证 AAT Review Applications 签证申请上诉 Resident Return Visa and Citizenship Application 永久签证续签,入籍申请

Single Application, Joint Application and Response.


Preparing and reviewing Binding Financial Agreements.


Probate, Deceased Estate 遗嘱认证,处理死者遗产

IF YOU 如果您

domestic violence

Suffer an injury in an violent crime 是暴力犯罪的受害者

Buy or sell a property 准备买卖房屋

Preparation for visa application 准备申请签证或移民

Need other legal services 需要其他法律帮助

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